Take notice

I think it's important to take note of and relish the little surprises that cross our paths each day. Sometimes the unexpected is bold and right in our faces. Too often, however, we're so wrapped up in whatever ranks of highest importance at a particular moment that we miss, for example, the grey-haired woman with the metal studded collar around her neck. (No, I am not being creative with my examples, I was not too caught up in my own little world to not notice said woman at the supermarket today.)

The unexpected may be important. Perhaps it alters the course of our lives. It may define a new path or a new stage.

Other times these little quirky occurrences are also completely inconsequential. Whether we notice them or not has no direct impact on our lives. At least in theory. I think, however, missing the little things which have no immediate bearing upon our lives is bigger than we think. Perhaps I'm over analyzing it -- it'd not be the first time -- but I think missing the little unimportant things may be indicative of a bigger important issues.

Perhaps, just maybe, it's a signal that we're too wrapped up in something, too introspective, too pre-occupied and life is passing us by. When you spend enough time watching your children march through a day you realize the young approach life differently. They can waste oodles of time simply squatting close to the ground to stare at marching ants. They seem to relish the most unimportant moments of their day. They take notice of things we all too often overlook.

My son was not at all that 'old' when I first realized an important truth. As much as parents are here to nurture, raise and teach our children, children are here to nurture, raise and teach their parents. It's not about living vicariously through another generation. It's not having a second chance through your off-spring. It's about seeing things from a new vantage point. It's being reminded of what you've forgotten.

My kids have taught me much. The most important is to walk with my eyes wide open.

Capre Diem - seize the day - is certainly an important reminder. Yet it falls short. Don't just seize it. See it.


Maggie said...

Carpe Diem to you too.
Via Michele

Mike said...

You are right about seeing the little things. A couple of weeks ago I saw an older man who from behind looked like my father. Then he turned around and I saw that the 60 something year old man had diamond and pearl earings. Two in each ear! Here from Michele's

alex said...

Here from Michele's tonight. I love your heading picture. Very serene and nice :) I'd love to take notice of a lot more that goes around me ah but isn't it such a busy world!!

mommyof4 said...

Wonderfull post! I am trying to live in the moment that God has given me:)Thank you for the reminder:)

Scouser said...

Interesting post. Here via Michele's today.

Paige said...

It is the little things that can bring a smile or memory to heart. We never know what is in store for us. Live each moment as if it were our last but plan on our future at the same instance.