Me stressed? Naw.

This is the week. The one with two big work-related events held on the same day. The week with oodles of last minute ends to tie up for both events on a day I'm normally 115% kid focused. The week where the work can't wait to be done after little eyes close at night. The week where other work related deadlines press and screech at me. The week that ends with *the* trip to the vet and we come home pet-less.

Yes, welcome to my hell week.


shpprgrl said...

You are having alot dished out to you right now. I'm so sorry about your pet. That's sad. I hope you have brighter days ahead!

Mandy said...

My prayers are with you. I didn't realize that this was *that* week. I am here if you need me. signing on right now.

Shannon said...

Take it easy when you can. Schedule something really fun for next week. Get some exercise - that's a good way to burn off stress. My thoughts are with you.

Sparkling Diamond said...

Take a deep breath and focus on it all turning out as it should. So sorry to hear about your pet, that is never easy. Be gentle on yourself. I wish you light, easy days ahead!
Here from Michele's.