Toying around

It was supposed to arrive late. Instead it appeared a day early. The digital camera my parents bought me for my birthday entered my posession today. I've not stopped playing with it since I got it home. So much it can do. So much to learn. So much to try. So much fun to have playing.

I'm giddy.

I've snapped photos of children. I've taken photos of plants. I've taken short video clips. I even took a picture of my eye - and the decided it wasn't worth keeping.

Sure, there's more impressive things I could write in a blog entry. There are were other ideas rattling in my brain. I'm simply too busy enjoying my new toy to bother.


Wordnerd said...

Come on...a picture's worth a thousand words, remember? Enjoy your new toy -- the flower pic is fabulous!

Visiting from Michele's, and I'm really starting to like it here!

Sue said...

Here from Michele's today but here most days LOL --- enjoy your toy -- we won't hold it against you.

Robin said...

ver ver perty! Nice lighting. I always screw that up. The way the weather has been here these days, I guess its no surprise! Here from Michele's!

Goodbye Mes Amis said...

Fun fun fun! Sandy, don't delete your eye pic! Please send it to me at moredigitalwaste@gmail.com and I will post it at my other blog: http://moredigitalwaste.blogspot.com/
Please please please.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

A VERY VERY Happy Birthday, Dear Sandy...I hope you have been having a WONDERFUL day...And I bet you are truly having a ball with your new toy! Isn't wonderful to get such a joyous and fun present? What kind of camera did your parents get you? I LOVE the photo you have posted..it's truly Gorgeous!!! Because of my health I wasn't able to go out to dinner with Betty and her family, but a few Theatre West women are coming here tomorrow for a Birthday lunch for her...That should be fun! (I'll take some photographs if everyone is willing...Sometimes we all don't get too fixed up for lunch at home, you know?(lol)
Anyway...I hope the rest of your Birthday is super!

Cath said...

YAY what a fabulous present!