Photo Challenge - the summer edition

Anyone up for a photo challenge? All right. How about this? I'm playing even if I'm the only one. The thing with the new toy, ahh, I mean digital camera, is that it allows me to photograph absolutely anything I feel like without the associated development and film cost guilt. This means that I take more photos than ever. Easily upwards of 30 a day in the week I've had it. Which in turn, means I'll be sharing photos more often because really, what fun are photos if no one ever sees them?

I was flipping through the files tonight preparing to send an album link to the traveling husband so he can have his fill of smiley kid faces. It occured to me that a few of the photos I had just screamed summer. Thus the challenge - if you're game - what image just shouts summer to you? Share it in the comments here or post the image in your own blog and share the link. Come on. You know you want to!

My summer screamers? Check it out:


honestyrain said...

interesting. for me, anything with outdoor greenery in it screams summer. but not just that. contrast and shadows are summer for me. bold color and bare toes in the sand. here are a couple of shots i have recently uploaded that are very summery feeling for me.



srp said...

Here from michele.
What a couple of cuties you have there. I must look through my pictures from last summer. The water here is still a bit cold to get in, but I had a couple of beach shots that were hot and screamed SUMMER!!

TamWill said...

Awe lovely summer pictures. The children are real cutie-patooties, their hair color is the same as my niece Emily and my nephew John. I bet they get loads of attention just on their hair.

I have a digital camera but...I do not know how to download and upload and all that tech-savvy stuff. So, I will have to come back and peruse yours.

Michelle sent me.

colleen said...

Hi Sandy, I'm in the same exact boat (pun intended). I just got a new digital camera too and feel the same way. My Saturday entry was one way I dealt with it...having so many photos without much text. I think it will be something I do at the end of each month as a way to use some photos I wouldn't use otherwise.

Here via michele's!

Wordnerd said...

Wow -- you've captured the essence of "summer" in just a few pics. Fantastic work!

srp said...

I came back. I found this post from last July that made my mouth water for summer.

Lise said...

Wow you take great pictures, I'm not sure that I have conquered my camera yet, never enough time to read or try everything about it.

I have some but will have to download them tomorrow and will come back.

Michele sent me and I'm glad I did :)

Emma said...

They're lovely pictures. Thanks for this entry as it made me go and look through some of my summer photos - and made me feel happy as the weather here is awful at the moment!

I've posted a few of my favourites on my blog

yellojkt said...

That's a great theme. I just bought a new 2GB memory card for when we go across country this summer. I will be taking lots of pictures.

Mostly I take travel or event pictures, but I will keep my eyes open.

Zee said...

Bravo! Beautiful pics! Summer indeed. And just look at those strawberries! YUM!

Paige said...

I can't pick just one. I know what you mean about care free picture taking. Whats it gonna hurt? Won't cost anymore then what you have already spent. I took upwards of 500 photos between last Sat to Monday {thats about 166 a day) Wow astonding!

Cath said...

Loving them Sandy!
Can't participate right now as my camera is sick :(