Thinking. . .

- In 30 minutes the three of us will pile into the "mommy van" and head up to Meg's specialist yet again. It makes me cranky having to go. I head up expecting another annoying brief visit in which the idiot doctor displays why med schools REALLY need to offer at least 3 more classes on bedside manner.

- Of the two parsley-eating caterpillars, one is now hanging upside locked up in a cocoon. The other is getting fat and happy on his daily ration of my flat-leaf herb. He'll be suspended for metamorphosis soon enough.

- My neighbors are nosy.

- The boy is re-devoted to being "big" which now includes solo-trips to the bathroom. Yipee!

- The girl wants to do whatever the boy wants to do. Which means if she sees him trick Grandma into holding a cup out for him, she wants Grandma to hold a cup out for her.

- Masons take a long time to build stairs during a heatwave.

- Should I worry that everyone that works the photo-lab at the drug store knows us by name?

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Mandy said...

How did the appt go? I completely forgot to ask earlier. :(