A day with Dora

- or at least a few minutes

Logan likes Dora the Explorer. Megan LOVES Dora.

I'm not sure either has actually seen much of the show, or in Meg's case, ever seen it at all. But they know her. Megan once tried to steal a Dora doll from the library and so now she owns a stuffed Dora doll that lives at Grandma and Papa's house. Not only that, but little Meg can pick Dora out on anything -- cups, chairs, clothes...it doesn't matter. The girl knows her "Doe-rah."

So when Grandma called to say they had just passed the Mall and the sign said Dora was in town, we knew we had to go. The Mom's group also started sending off emails that Dora was coming. And then we found more info on the Mall kid's club web site. Logan's been a member of this club. Now Megan is too.

The lines were VERY long. But Logan knew why we were there so there was no escaping the event without massive mid-mall meltdown. We waited. We played. We made friends on the long line. When we got closer to the Picture People for our chance to get close to Dora during a hasty photo-shoot, Megan amused herself with the plastic Pooh Bear sitting in the window. The bigger, taller kids were busy chanting about Dora. Megan though they were nuts and chanted "Bear" over and over.

When we finally got our turn, Logan decided he no longer wanted to be that close to the big tall lady in the bad wig that only bore some slight resemblance to the cartoon character of a 7-year old. Megan had locked her eyes on the camera and was debating whether it was worth her time to pose. The photographer urged Mom into the photo. Dora smiled. Logan squeezed Mom’s hand as he got inched closer to the Dora-ish lady. Megan snapped her head up in surprise as the photographer hooted, whistled and called out "Megan!"

And the result was this:

At least Dora and I were happy. ;) Meg looks like she's in some sort of police line-up for 11-month olds that steal sippy cups and Logan was just on the verge of yelling "GET ME THE HELL OUT OF HERE MOM!!"

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