Friday was one of those days where I start to fantasize about owning a private island. In this daydream I also have my very own private jet to whisk me, and me only, to said island. When I get there I lie around on the white sand beach just close enough to the water's edge to let the ebb and flow tickle my toes. I sip on frozen drinks that come with fruit hanging off the sides of the glass. Someone else is making them, serving them and cleaning the dishes. I don't need to invite you to my island because you have your very own just a short wade through shallow water away.

Ahh, but where was I? Oh yes, Friday I was wondering where Wonder Woman parked my jet. Three wasn't so fun that day. Or at least my three year old. When the kids were tucked into bed, I took the opportunity that night to vent and then vent some more. My dear spouse appropriately nodding his head in sympathy and agreeing that I had had a rough time of it. The venting helped. It put life back into prospective. Instead I've made the effort to focus on the other days - not just Friday. On days like yesterday and the day before "hell" day. In those days I find gems that remind me how amazing and educational motherhood is:

1. I won't get into details because frankly I'd worry what sort of google searches would lead here if I did. Suffice it to say that mothering a boy has taught me that there are certain fascinations men really just can't help. It's innate. They are born amazed by their own bodies and they do manage to view themselves as even grander and larger than life. Yesterday my child uttered the phrase "Wow! Its even bigger than I am!" I'm sure you can figure out what he was referring to.

This Y-chromosome feature has repeatedly both enlightened me and amused me. I've also learned that men are born with selective hearing.

2. One day while playing outside, Logan asked me what the bees were doing. We had an impromptu 'biology' lesson as we talked about bees eating nectar, collecting pollen, making honey, etc. For yucks we added in the idea of hummingbirds and butterflies eating nectar.

Thursday we were outside playing during Megan's nap. Logan swatted his arm and yelped. Before I could ask him if he was ok he made me laugh.

"I had to squish away that mosquito. He was trying to eat my nectar."

3. Logan felt whiney the other day. He sat on the toilet feeling like he had to go but not going. Not only was he undoubtedly uncomfortable, he was also bored of sitting there. He whined something to me about "need chewy..." and then I lost him. Well sort of. I 'heard' him whine "I need a chewy vitamin." So I left him on the toilet. Headed to the kitchen and retrieved a "My First Flinstones" purple Dino. I had forgotten to give him one earlier and perhaps he was reminding me as he often does.

I handed it to him. He stared at it. He stared at me. He spoke in a normal voice, "What are you giving me this for?"

"You need it."

He put it in his mouth and bit down. "But why you give it to me now?" he asked.

I was frustrated. I mean hello! He JUST asked for the thing and now he's arguing about taking it. "Logan, you just said he needed a chewy vitamin."

He laughed. He actually bent over laughing. "No! Silly Mommy!" he said. I was not feeling silly or amused. "I said I need chewy raisins. Member? I need chewy raisins to help me poop. You can't hear me when I whine."

Well at least he listens sometimes.

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