I'm a lazy cooker. When it comes to preparing meals, I much prefer sticking with the ones I know by heart. Truly, I even prefer the ones that don't need 'real' measuring of ingredients. Let's be honest, there are certain measuring spoons I can't even find anymore.

Don't mistake this for a complete dislike of cooking/baking or an inability to do so. I do enjoy working in the kitchen and I'm not half-bad if I do say so myself. I'm just lazy.

Every now and then, however, I get bored with my stand-bys. To spice things up I do one of two things.

a) Go wild and experiment. This sometimes leads to disastrous creations like the time I tried to 'wing' pesto. Other times it turns out pretty darn good, like the recent herb encrusted chicken I designed. Only problem becomes I don't write down what it was I did so the chance or recreating it is nil to none.

b) Break down and locate a recipe. I have my sources and on occasion I bother to use them. Tonight was one of those nights. I broke into my 'trial offer' Cooking Light magazine and I found beauty in the form of shrimp. Trust me, heaven. Shrimp Pie - havarti cheese (my favorite), egg, dill and shrimp. Yeah a few other things including crust from scratch. Not only did it taste great, it looked great.

Come to think of it, on Sunday I made another recipe from that issue - Grilled Chicken with Grape Glaze. That was particularly good too. So good, in fact, that even Logan ate it without complaint.

Perhaps I need to start flipping through recipes more often. Or at least memorize these two recent experiments!!

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Yummmm, I want some too. Can you cook for me?