Kids have growth spurts. That's not news. Its barely even bloggable. But let's face it, sometimes you put a kid to bed and he wakes up all different. Or at least it feels that way.

I've been looking at lot of photos as we prepare for Megan's first birthday (not that we go overboard with circus tents and petting zoos or anything. If nothing else clowns make her cry at the moment.) I'm not doing anything with photos for her birthday other than moving them from the dusty pile near my computer to a more hidden pile in a storage bin next to the desk the computer sits on.

I've expected to see the change in Meg's pictures from then to now. Goodness she's evolved from a newborn bundle of wiggley need to a fleet-footed toddler. It was Logan's metamorphisis I wasn't prepared for. Sure, I knew he'd gotten bigger. I knew he'd aged a year. I just didn't expect his face to change that dramatically. He's gone from this rounded-out baby-faced toddler of two years old to this boy. He's a real kid now.

Sure, we tell him he's a "big" kid to humor him, but in a way, I suppose, he sort of is. He's got plenty of growing left in him, certainly and there are plenty a kid bigger, but in his own way he's left that baby-hood 'little' stuff in the box of memories tucked away in his closet.

Our second butterfly emerged from her cocoon Monday night. We took her into the yard, opened the cage door and watched her fly off. As she sought freedom Logan sighed farewell and said "I guess it's time for her to grow up." Wow, right. What he said.

Logan Then and Now:

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Alyssa said...

Wow, you're right. He looks so different! A real little man.

I think that's one aspect of motherhood I won't be prepared for.