How to visually see the difference between Logan and Megan. When Logan first began walking we bought every imaginable baby proofing item you can think of, including two baby gates. One of them has been back up for well over a month.

Now that Megan is constantly exploring her world on two feet (which means she gets into EVERYTHING more than when she just scooted and crawled) we've taken the never before used 2nd gate out of the box, assembled it and installed it.

This truly isn't an issue of "with one child I could him like a hawk." This is "even the hawk couldn't keep an eye on Megan."

How to keep a 3 year old boy happy and in his own personal heaven? Pay a mason a lot of money to tear down your crumbling front steps and install brand new ones. They arrived today to start work on the 12 steps plus mini-porch area and a small retaining wall.

They arrived about a half hour ago to start work. They brought with them a dump truck towing a skid steer. Logan has not left our glass front door since. He's even in love with their jack hammer. He keeps telling his sister "Look Megan! Look! Its a skid steer! Isn't that neat! They brought a skid steer my very own driveway."

Wonder if they'd let him sit in it for a photo op. ;)
Just over heard in my house:

One of Logan's favorite shows lately is Calliou on PBS Kids. Logan stood in the doorway that seperates the hall area by our front door and the living room swaying side-to-side so he'd lean closer to the door or the room with the TV. As he did so he was saying:

"Calliou or the men. Calliou or the men. Calliou or the men. Which do I watch!"

For the record, he's still firmly ensconsed at our front door. They are now operating the aforementioned skid steer to load the bricks they're removing into the dump truck. I don't think his day can get much better than this.



Watch out for Cailou, he's evil, taught Livvy the word "stupid". Hummm...so he like home remodeling who would have thought could have kept him busy for weeks with our house being sided!!!LOL

Alyssa said...

I love your blog's new look! :o)

Melessa said...

When we moved into our previous house, there was still some work left to complete. I don't remember why the heavy duty machines were in the backyard, but Tristan was happy and glued to the window all day long so I could unpack in peace.