We've got a mover and a shaker

When Logan was 6 months old he figured out that he could walk if he held onto both our hands. He wanted nothing to do with crawling, though. He'd rather yell until someone took pity on him and let him find his balance on his feet by holding our hands. If that wasn't an option he'd content himself with log rolls. At 10 months old he got brave and let go of our hands. He was running with confidence a month before his birthday.

Meg found her feet around 5 months old. By 5 1/2 months she was cruising around holding hands the way her brother once did. She began to sit on her own around the same time and within a month she had figured out how to scissor her legs in and out as a way to spin herself in circles. She still does this now only she's added the ability to lean forward onto her knees in order to reach something that formally sat safe out of her radius of attack. A month months later she was crawling backwards. She inches herself forwards now - although not quite with her belly fully off the ground. She'll roll from place to place.

She also figured out around 7.5 months old that she could stand without our hands if she had something else to hold onto. She likes the coffee table and the front door.

Today, Megan Rose has figured out how to stand herself up. She's been practicing for weeks now using the adults around her. With no help from us beyond sitting within her reach, she'd grasp hold of us and stand herself upright. She might hold your shirt, your arm, your shoulder, your leg. Didn't matter.

Well now she uses inanimate objects. Today it was the red wagon. She was sitting in it. Logan and I were watering our newly planted veggies. I turned to see her standing hunched over in the wagon because the wagon side wasn't nearly high enough to allow her to stand upright as she held on. She saw me catch her in the act of figuring out her next move, lowered herself to the bottom of the wagon again and laughed. Needless to say she was removed from the wagon promptly.

She's happily cruising around tables and miscellaneous furniture. She holds hands and walks around with glee. She's even been known to attempt to take her own stroller for a walk. Megan is on her way to being a hellion on two feet. Look out!

New sounds - Megan recently began toying with the dog's name. When she sees her beloved Tasha come nearby, Meg whispers softly "Ta! Ta!" Stand her at the front door at her grandparents and she joins the chat for the man with the big hugs and grin "Pa! Pa! Pa!" She knows very well who Papa is because she'll look right at him if you ask her where he is. She's also been heard saying his name when he walks into rooms - although she won't play nice enough to say it when he's around to hear it.

Meg enjoys her food so much it also brings about a new 'word.' As she gums up Cheerios and banana pieces she says LOUDLY "UM! UM! UM!"

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Mandy said...

She sounds amazing!

Hey, can't wait to see you in just a couple of weeks! I am so excited.