or Too Tired To Be Coherent.

Last night was the big event - the one I've been planning for all of six weeks. The one that invovled 160 people eating dinner and pretending they could dance on a big ole' boat up the Hudson River. The day prior I spent 12 hours of my birthday working on last minute details. Yesterday, between the event itself and the prework that led up to it I worked for 16 hours straight.

I had gotten bossman and his boss to agree that Moi was not working that sort of day, pulling into headquarters on the giant rented bus at 11pm or even midnight-ish and then drive 40 minutes home just to return to the office by 7:30am to set up for today's follow-on event for "elite" customers. I was going to stay at the hotel across the street from HQ with all the other overnight guests.

As we pulled into HQ, boss of boss leans over to me and says "I'm paying for you to stay up here tonight, right?"

Me - Yes you are.

Him - Then you have no excuse not to go out with us now.

And so I went. My cohorts tend to close down bars. I'm not a drinker. I played designated driver and spent the time laughing at the drunken exploits with a friend who's ulcer prevented him from imbibing. When we returned to the hotel - sometime around 1am - bossman invited myself and two others to hang with him for a bit. So hang I did...until 3:30 this morning. I hulled my half-asleep rear-end up to my room, fell into my bed and groaned when the alarm went off just before 7. Mommy needs a nap folks.

But about the good stuff - the event was a HUGE smash hit. Bossman must have thanked me at least a dozen times since the boat pulled out yesterday through this morning. I even got a hug, an invite to have dinner out on him (enjoy yourself and just expense it) and a public kudos tossed about here and there. Got to give bossman credit - he is more than capable of making you cry, but he's very good at recognizing good work too. He's more than willing to publically applaud and give credit when its due.


The other stuff
We played at Grandma's for an extra hour when I went to pick up the kids earlier this afternoon. Logan located a 2 pound hand weight, held it above his head and then did a few curls with it. When he lowered his arm he said "Gosh! I am getting really strong! I'm impressed!"

When we left Gram's we hit the drive-thru at Dunkin' Dounts to get Mom a much needed injection of coffee. Many moons ago Logan began telling the lady at DD that Daddy likes his coffee cream, no sugar because sugar makes him choke. When I ordered today the man asked if I wanted sugar. I said yes: black coffee = icky.

Logan - Mom. You get sugar? It doesn't make you choke now?

Me - Honey sugar makes Daddy choke. I like sugar.

Logan (after a moment of deep reflection) - You get strong muscles now so it doesn't make you choke?

Me - Yup, sure. That works.

Logan (after some more thought) - You want Daddy to get some big strong muscles too?


Mandy said...

Yay! I am so glad to hear that the event went so well! I also hope that you get some much needed rest this weekend and have a day off on Monday like the rest of us!

Logan is so cute! Did I tell you that I can't wait to meet you in a couple of weeks? ;)

thatgirl said...

oh wow. TAKE HIM UP ON THAT DINNER! Just do it and hand him the receipt.