A tale in three parts

by Megan
Its bad enough that Mama thinks I need to sleep during the day, but this is crazy. I know I'm tired. I know I yawn and rub my eyes with the back of my hand, but still, I much prefer to play. I ate a little and then turned my head making raspberry sounds. That's usually what I do when I want to tell Mama that I've had enough. So what does she do? She gets up and puts me in that crib! Well, slow down there lady! I'm not ready to nap! I yelled to tell her so. I yelled 'Ahhhhhhh Mama! MAma! MAMA!" But I heard her in the potty with "Boobah", which is the way I say brother when I want Logan to look at me.

Ok, then fine. I'll take care of it myself. I turned over onto my belly and I tried to crawl my way out. It didn't work. No matter how hard I try to go straight, I end up going backwards. I crawled myself right into a corner at the foot of my bed. I got into the corner so well I didn't have room to flip over onto my back. I was stuck. So then I cried. And I cried. And then Mama came and got me. I ate a little more which made my eyes so heavy I couldn't keep them open. And then she dropped me in the crib again. I keep calling out now and then, but its too hard to fight it. Maybe I'll just nap.

by Logan
We went to Target today and I got a new mini-Rescue Heros plane that I'd rather call a space shuttle if you don't mind. I'm playing outside in my yard with it by myself because Meggie won't stay napping. I even yelled at her, which Mommy said wasn't a good thing to do. I yelled "MEGGIE! GO TO SLEEP!!" I just want Mommy outside to play wif me and my new toy.

My sister is getting to be a big girl and I really love her a lot, but sometimes I don't like her very much. Like now when she's getting in the way of my fun. We're going to a pop-sicle party with my friends in a little while. Megan-Rosebud (which is what I prefer to call her) better not mess things up.

by Mom
You remember those commericals for Calgon where all a gal had to do was step into a bubble bath and suddenly be whisked away from life as she knww it? Well let's just say that this week between the boss, the uncle, the husband, the dogs and the kids I could use a bubble bath.


Zee said...

Yeah, sounds like your day was a handful. Go soak in some bubbles... lavender for relaxing. :o)

Sarah said...

You know, I am thinking it is one of those Calgon weeks - I have felt like running away all week, too! Too bad we don't live closer - we could run away together!