I shouldn't laugh, but. . .

Well he laughed. And if he laughed than I can laugh right? I mean I hope so since I laughed a whole lot.

See the thing is that Logan is built like all the males on both sides of our families - at least the way they were as young men. String bean-like. He's about average height for his age (now in at 3ft even as best I can tell) but I'm not even sure he's breaking 29 lbs yet let alone 30.

Now as noted previously, he's master of the potty. He's got it down pat. We only have that small issue of a tiny rear-end that measures in much smaller than the average opening of a public restroom. He's happy enough to stand at the bowl at home - but he does so with his stool, stools that don't exist in the Ladies rooms. And so we've invested in a portable potty seat. A cheap, flimsy, portable, bend up and fit in my bag, potty seat. Today we dragged it along to art class because I actually remembered we had it.

Well shortly after lunch at Friendly's he decided he had to use the bathroom. We ducked in. We pulled the magic seat out. We got him all situated. And then he rocked himself backwards - leaning just far enough to the back of his seat to feel comfortable. But it was too far. It happened so fast, (and luckily before he peed!) but it seemed like it was going in slow motion. He leaned back. . .the seat started to tip and suddenly both the back half of the seat and Logan's bottom where planted firmly in the toilet seat bowl, almost wedged in. His knees were pressed together and his feet sort of stuck straight out before him.

I pulled him out quickly but the damage was done. His t-shirt was damp from the splash. His butt was dripping. The portable, bendable, potty seat was soaked. We dried him off. We dried the seat off. He bravely climbed up and tried again - this time careful not to lean backwards.

He looked at me seriously for a moment and said "Mom, that was cold." And then he giggled. And so I finally let it out - the big laugh that was pushing itself against my windpipe. I laughed. He laughed harder. We both had tears running down our faces, tears that matched the droplets of water still dripping from the seat.

We've been signing songs about it all day. His favorite part is when we get to the chorus "Logan leaned to the left. He leaned to the right, then he leaned back. . .KERPLOP! Logan fall into the potty bowl!"


Cath said...

OMG, its one of those stories where you know you shouldnt laugh but you do!

Zee said...

Stopping by to wish you a very Happy Mother's Day!!!