Boys will be boys?

Today Grandma needed some time to take care of business related to moving my uncle into his newest digs. And today I couldn't afford to take a day off of work to manage the lack of child care. So, today, B took a day off of work and played Mr. Mom.

The three of them packed into the "Mommy-van" and went to the boardwalk. When I got home I was greeted quickly with this exchange:

Logan - Mom! We went to the boardwalk and I played skee-ball and I played the water game!

Me -Water game? You mean the game where you shoot the water into the clown mouth to make the little thingy go up and ding the bell?

Daddy - That's the one.

Logan - I put water in the clown's mouth!

Daddy - He did. At first he had a little trouble and was getting the water stream all over the place, but then he got it right on the target.

Logan - AND I WON!!!

Daddy (over Logan's head points to himself and mouths) well, really I won.

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