That little big thing

Something fairly little has gotten in my way of blogging this week. It goes like this: I want to write about something in this outlet - I NEED to write it in some outlet - but I can't. That's the little part.

The big part - well what I want to write about is fairly big I guess. It does not impact me directly, per se. But it does impact someone close to me. I'm worried this person is making a mistake -- the sort of mistake that alters the rest of your life. I just can't tell him that. And since I can't tell him that and since I never know who's going to read this blog...well I can't blog about it either.

I've spent a lot of time mulling this. Loads of time biting my tongue and smiling sweetly. I'll keep doing it. And I'll keep wishing I could write about it while not writing about it.


Colleen said...

Hi! I found you from your recent post at The Soccer Mom Vote.
There are blogs out there that let you vent, blog, etc. anonymously all the things you can't or don't want to say on your own blog. The added benefit is that you get feedback too in the way of comments just like on your own blog. Let me know if you'd like a link to one of these sites and I'll email it to you!

Cath said...

What a dilemma. Hope you can find some solution to the problem sweets. Here is you need to talk!

Nicole said...

send me an e-mail. seriously.

no judgment, no advice -- just a place to write and vent.