15 years too early

I told Megan that we had to leave to pick Logan up from his youth group program at our church. She was resistant to leaving. She had plans to play Thomas. I made it clear this was not negotiable. She thought about it and then nodded.

“Ok. I’ll drive, you sit in the passenger seat,” she said and headed off to find the car keys.

“Ahh, Meg, you can’t drive,” I said because sometimes you have to state the obvious to a two year old on a mission.

“Why?” she asked.

“Well for starters,” I told her, thinking I had a good angle, “You’re still wearing your diapers.”

You could see the little mental shrug. “Ok. I’m going to use the potty ALL. The. Time.”

For the record when I got her strapped in her car seat and stuck the keys in the ignition myself she cried and cried and cried, “I was going to drive! Bad mommy! I’m going to use the potty all the time and drive!” (And, as a matter of fact, she’s in the bathtub as I type this telling Bruce all about it – I wanted to drive the car and I tell mommy I will use the potty but she still say no!”)

I’m so much in trouble with this one!


Linda said...

well, now I know not to use THAT excuse with my son (who is almost 3 and still in diapers). Heck, the fact that he still gets AWFUL diaper rash is not enough to convince him he needs to learn to go on the potty.....

Cath said...

LMAO! If otty training could be that easy i'd be telling Corey he can drive!

kontan said...

OMG that is too funny! Good luck with that one...