Cough. Hack. Sneeze.

The girl is sick - her nose runneth and runneth....and runneth.

The boy is getting sick. He coughs at night and occasionally races his sister to the tissue box.

The husband is sick. Sore throat he says. Tired.

The mom is sick. Mack truck ran her over. Lack of sleep compounds the problem. Did I mention the girl spent most of last night either awake and complaining or asleep and complaining?

Send chicken soup. Send much caffeine. Send lovely little videos that mesmerise children for hours. Send Grandma.

Ahh, yes. Grandma is coming. She is taking the children. Mom is going to work. Some how I think work will be more restful. Hey, I'm not new here.


Linda said...

hot rum toddies all around - yes, even for the girl. Yeah, she'll think it tastes TERRIBLE, but then she'll feel NO pain, and she'll sleep a blissful sleep...as will you and the hubby.

Nicole said...

isn't it amazing how they can complain in their sleep? the moaning, it haunts me.

lots of hot tea with lemon.

Shannon said...

Aw, I hope the family feels better soon! :-( Get some sleep!