Mushy Mush

If you're easily nauseated by outright parental gushing, a word of caution - proceed at your own risk.

Maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm simply an emotional girl with easily misting eyes; I don't know. Sometimes one of my kids can say something or do something that makes me so proud of them I start to tear up a bit, which is what happened tonight.

Today is Meg's December sleepover. It's also Bruce's big trek to the perfect barber night. This left Logan and on our own - a date night. He picked the where and the when. I had to supply the wallet. We had dinner out together with plans to come home for a rousing Monopoly match and a good video before bed. We got sidetracked at the mall.

First it was to peek at Santa. Not speak to him, just peek at him. We peeked. Then it was chocolate at the forbidden zone (aka, peanut laden). And then it was the Disney store. I reminded Logan that he had recently spent the generous porition of his helping bucket money on a gift he'd donate through the church school program this weekend. He nodded. I pointed out the Toys for Tots table and asked if he wanted to get someone else a toy this Christmas. He nodded again and clapped.

The Disney store presented lots of nice options and so we rooted through their giant white plush winter animals marked down generously. Logan picked out the winner - a big, soft, cuddly white Heffalump. We paid. He marched back through the ball - both hands on the oversized Disney bag. He was determined to do this himself. When we got to the donation bin, Logan reached inside the bag, removed the prize and placed it gingerly in the bin with a giant smile. The two volunteers exhaled deeply and told him he was sweet. They offered him a candy cane. He took it with a nod and thanked them.

As we walked away he took my hand, clutching his reward tightly in the other hand. "You know what?" he asked me. I responded appropriately - What?

"My favorite part of Christmas is giving gifts to other people," he said with the sort of complete sincerity 4 year olds have yet to figure out how to fake. He went on to explain why he picked the toy he did - it was soft and squishy. Certain to make someone really happy and so therefore perfect for this sort of thing.

I was so proud. I *am* so proud. And I'm just a little teary eyed.


Linda said...

how sweet! I've had to threaten my daughter with taking her WRAPPED presents out from under the tree (all gifts from family, thus far) and bring them to the Toys for Tots donation box, where she would get to unwrap them and then put them in the box - to see what she's losing out on for all that nasty misbehavior I've gotten from her lately...sigh. I want your 4 year old's innocence, not my 6 y/o's attitude....

Anonymous said...

You are doing things right, Sandy. Big hugs to both of you.


Carmi said...

There is no such thing as too much mush. I read entries like this and I know full well that the planet will be in great hands thanks to wonderful parenting by folks like you.

You have every reason to be incredibly proud. What a kind heart he has!

Shannon said...

Aw, even I am teary-eyed. My son would buy a gift for his sister, but TWO gifts for those less fortunate - I'm not so sure. You have done something very, very right.

Love your new Christmas-y blog look, too!