Sweet Sounds

Normally when I go through our morning routine I do so with a child scaling my leg. At least one of them, sometimes both. I have mastered the art of ironing a shirt while holding a toddler on my hip. I have managed to apply make-up while a preschooler pulls on the back of my shirt whining "But Mom! I want you to come play!"

This morning had started off no different. I showered with two faces outside the shower door. I dried my hair with one child yelling over the sound of hot air blowing fast. Then it was quiet, relatively speaking.

I heard the boy's voice pretending to be some other person holding a conversation with something I couldn't quite make out. I figured he was in his room playing. I heard the Little People A-Z Zoo go off repeatedly. I assumed the little one had pulled it off her short bookcase and was sitting on it again while she chewed on animals. I was happy to hear they were amusing themselves so I could iron our shirts for the day and finish dressing in peace.

The boy came running in looking for a tissue. I pointed to the box near my bed and then gave his nose a good second wipe after he took the first stab at it.

From another room came the little voice that can sometimes be hard to discern, "BRABAH!" Not hard this time though. She very clearly was yelling "Brother." She still refuses to call him by his name, no matter how much we try to get her to parrot it back to us. She'll grin and say sweetly, "No. Brabah."

"Megan must be looking for you," I told him.

He smiled and ran off. "We're playing nice!" he said over his shoulder. I walked as quietly as possible past two open bedroom doors. No one in the boy's room. They were both sitting on the floor of the little one's room surrounded by Little People. Little girl sat so very close to Logan she was nearly on his lap. He'd look down at her every now and then and smile at her. He even rubbed her head and said softly "You're a good girl Meg." And she looked at him and sighed, "Brabah."

A moment like that can warm my heart on such a cold day (its 33 degrees at 8am) all day long.


Melessa said...

Oh yes, you have to love moments like that.

Cath said...

OMG, how gorgeous does that moment sound!