Now that is a good question. . .

I'm frazzled. It's been a long week and half with B away. If nothing else the daily rain for six straight days is starting to effect moods. According to the weather station we host in our backyard as B's biggest hobby, we've gotten 3.25 inches of rain in the last 23 hours. Which, of course is nothing compared to parts of the area that got 10 inches of rain in a single day.

"Why is it raining?" says the 3-year old

I start with the scientific answer, at least to extent that I know I'm correct.

True to form he says, "Why?"

"Because God decided the trees and the grass and the lakes and the rivers needed some water," I tell him.

"Oh," he says and gets that look that tells me I'm in trouble. "Doesn't he know he watered them yesterday?"

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