Once upon a time. . .

Our bedtime routine has expanded beyond the book. Each night after we read a small bit of personal library, whoever Logan has deemed storyteller for the evening must compose an original piece of literature on demand. When we're done with our tale, Logan shares one of his masterpieces. In the past they've been non-sensical and more about him him twirling around in excitment. Recently they're starting to get well thought out and original -- like tonight's.

We had just flipped the calendar to November and as is our custom, we reviewed the important days of the month. I decided to make my impromptu tale a little over-simplied history lesson. A group of people decide they don't want to live in England any more so they pile into boats and they sail across the big ocean. I have a lapse where I forget to be politically correct and I refer to Indians as opposed to Native Americans and I figure it's going to be something he mentions in circle time if they talk about Thanksgiving much in school this year. I wrap up our story with a big party to celebrate a great harvest. And voila! We have Thanksgiving. Logan claps polietly and takes the helm:

"Once upon a time there were a bunch of Indians. They decided to go in some boats and ride for a really long time across the water. They sail and sail and then they crash into rocks! And crash into rocks. And crash, and crash, and crash. And then crash into some more rocks. Then they get out and they climb up a really, really, really big tower. They climb all the way up into outerspace and they get out on Pluto. Then they walk around and collect some rocks before they climb all the way down, down, down, down back onto their boats. They ride the boats over the water to home and they have a party and say thank you. The End."


Alisha said...

What a cutie! Here from Michele's, Happy Halloween!

mar said...

lovely story. It brought back memories since my little one is 17... Now he tells me stories! thanks for visiting.