A little levity

Doctor said he was giving Logan an antibiotic for his ear infection. "And it actually tastes good too!" he said encouragingly.

"No it doesn't!" said Logan quite loudly. "My ear is not dinner!" Then he grinned and giggled.


Daddy, a NY Giants fan, said, "Tell Mommy what your favorite football team is."

Logan said, "Cowboys!"

Mommy, also a Giants fan, asked why he picked the Cowboys.

Logan said "Because they win."


Logan sat with a one big toy ad disguised as a magazine of hot items for the holidays. He was circling things he might want for Christmas - in other words, he was circling every page.

Mommy said, "Logan, that's not for you. See, it says right here, you need to be at least 8 years old to get that."

Logan didn't even miss a beat, "Ok, well then I want it for my 8-year old birthday."


Jennifer said...

Hi! Michele sent me! I like your writings....you remind me of me....not afraid to use as many words as necessary to tell the story :). I hope your little Logan's ear is feeling better today!
I will check in on you again! I'm glad to "meet" you! :)

Carmi said...

The little man has a wonderful sense of humor. How lucky you are!

Visiting from Michele's tonight. I'm glad I came by: your writing is so much fun to read!

Star said...

From whom does Logan get his delighful sense of humor? You'll have to stay sharp to keep ahead of that kid!

Melessa said...

Logan has good taste. I'm a longtime Cowboy fan myself (even if they don't always win).
We got the 'catalog' today too. It seems the season is upon us.