Oh is that why?

Daddy was replacing an outlet cover. Logan asked why. (Of course he did.)

"Well, honey, it wasn't working so well with the old one," Daddy explained. Not quite getting into the details. It didn't work as well because we had put in one of those tricked up child-saftey covers that requires a bit of dexterity to use. Not explaining that some plugs are too wide to actually allow you to plug them in properly - the casing never fitting in the space the way it should.

Logan pointed to the exposed outlet, naked without its cover. "Oh! I see why it's broke Daddy! It's upside down!"

And it is. That's not why it wasn't working well, but the outlet is installed upside down compared to every other outlet in our house. We're trying to figure out how he knew that.


Cath said...

Cause hes a smart kid lol!

Mandy said...

too funny!