Rodent State

When Megan naps, Logan and I play. We play a lot of different things. Computer games. Board games. Make pretend games. Outdoor games. Indoor games. We're not particularly picky.

Lately we've played a lot of board games. One of Logan's favorites in this genre is "Great States Junior." Using one of those little quirky shaped game pieces and a multi-colored cube you make your way around a red, white, blue and yellow (with a white star) path that surrounds a brightly colored map of the United States. As you land on a colored square, you need to answer questions from the color coordinated stack of cards.

Logan landed on a red square. These cards require you to find states that start with a specific letter or word. I pulled a red card from the pile.

I showed him the card and he read aloud, "Name three states that start with the word NEW."

Without missing a beat he began to poke a finger at the board as he called out his answer:

"New Jersey." Check.

"New Mexico" Check.

Then with a finger next to Vermont, he said, "New Hamster"

Ahhh, close enough.


utenzi said...

That's not a game I've ever played, Sandy. In many ways, Hamster is a lot more interesting then Hamshire though I suspect there's a lot of British history behind the Hampshire name. But what do kids care about that stuff? Hamsters are a lot cuter than dead Englishmen.

Michele sent me by, Sandy. Happy gaming!

Pearl said...

lol. New Hampster. That's cute. Not a pet hint?

Yaeli said...

That is SO cute!!!! Kids are so funny!!! That's one to mention at his 21st!
Michele sent me.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Lol, LOL...soiooo cute, my dear.
That looks like an interesting Board Game...!

J said...

Too cute! I would definitely say, close enough.

Laura said...

Well of course! New Hamster is where all the pet shops are. ;)

I miss listening to what my kids would come up with when they were that age!

Shannon said...

When he's ready, the "Scrambled States of America" is an excellent game for the next level.

Glad to hear your new job is going well!

MommaSteph said...

That looks like a great game. My knowledge of geography is sadly miniscule.

BTW, I'm not the only one. I have a brother in New Mexico, and many times I've been told by a nice Fed Ex employee that I need to use an international label to ship anything to him...

Carmi said...

Thanks for the great laugh. Out of the mouths of babes, indeed.

Which reminds me how much I've missed visiting that great, tax-free, freedom-loving state. The mountains get me every time.

Cath said...

That is super cute. He sounds very clever. Well done logan!

kristen said...

giggle giggle snort! very cute. i'll have to remember new hamster :)