Mama's Girl

I was heading out last night to meet a friend for dinner. Megan wasn't thrilled about the idea. She told me her plans to join us. "I come too. I have dinner," she said as if bringing a climbing, figgety toddler to a place that has actual menus would be my idea of a nice 'girl's night out.'

Dropping to my knees so we could be eye-level I let Meg in on a little secret. "I have a very special job for you. Can you help me?" I asked her.

She nodded with wide-eyes, displaying exactly how serious she was going to take the assignment. She leaned in close and whispered back, "What my mish-in (mission) Mommy?"

The assignment - she'd be the only female in the house. She was going to have to take care of Brother and Daddy. "They need someone to take care of them and help them, Meggie. Can you do it for me?"

She sighed contently and again nodded. "Ok. I do it," she said and she ran off. She got busy playing and generally ignoring us all. That is, until I grabbed my purse and said my goodbyes. Meg saw me first. She heard my farewell biddings. She ran, a little paniced almost, and began to yell, "DADDY!"

She found him and quickly raised her arms up in the quick, resolute way that speaks volumes - pick me up. Once in his arms, she began to pat his shoulder. "Don't worry Daddy," she said softly. "I take care you."


J said...

Too cute!!!! Those men always need taking care of.

Shane said...

heh heh. 2 brownie points on the creative parenting

surcie said...

It's always difficult for me to leave for a girls' night or weekend. I guess I feel guilty or something, even though I'm with him full time. But I know it's important that my son sees that I have friends and an identity apart from him. Sounds like your daughter handled it great!

Nicole said...

I'm totally going to borrow that.

Karen said...

What a cute story! You are a very creative mom to come up with that story so quickly. I usually just ran out before the kids noticed I was gone! Now they're teens and always leaving me behind!

Michele sent me today and I hope you're having a great day!

Chaos Mommy said...

She is the sweetest little thing! I can just imagine her taking her job so seriously!

toni said...

utterly charming. :)

michele sent me!

Joy said...

Oh Sandy! I wish Megan could have been here to take care of my family today! I left the children with Daddy today and he let the 5 year old have a Vault soda... He was still bouncing off the walls at 11pm! I'm sure even Megan would have seen THAT coming! What will we do with these men??