Hot Diggity Dog

Do you have kids? Are they fans of the new (and computer animated) Mickey Mouse Clubhouse? Mine are. In fact, both the four year old and the nearly two year old can be heard singing Mickey's farewell song at any odd moment of any old day. "Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog. Now we got ears, it's time for cheers. . . "

Well friends. We got ears and it's time for cheers.

When Logan recieved his piggy bank - ahh, well when I recieved it as a shower gift - we began to put spare change in with the sole purpose of using it one day for a family vacation. Not just any family vacation. A Disney World family vacation.

With Megan's arrival we put the trip on tempoary hold. We wanted to find that magic time when Logan was young enough to not miss a week of anything other than preschool and Megan was old enough to actually enjoy at least some of the trip.

And that time has come.

I just booked it.

It will arrive in 2007. By the time we take off in our airplane headed to Orlando, Logan will be 4 1/2 years old. Megan will be 2 1/2.

The girl seems content to see JoJo and Princesses...and to shop. She's got a list. Really.

The boy already has his list of things he MUST see while we were are their - the LEGO Imagination Center, the "Tea Cup" ride with Grandma, the Star Wars ride with Mommy and Papa, and Tom Sawyer's Island with anyone up for it. His list tends to end with the phrase, "And I will bring my allowance so I can buy those Mickey Mouse ears Grandma keeps talking about."

My parents are going the same time and staying in the same resort. Can you say "built in babysitters?" I mean really, this means at least one night of child free dining for the husband and me. It means when my 'early to bed' spouse and the children nod off for the night...and my dad for that matter...I have Mom to go with me to the comedy club and jazz clubs of Pleasure Island.

I'm excited. Bruce is excited. The kids are excited. The grandparents are excited. We're all excited.

Is it time to go?


Melessa said...

I've already told yo how excited I am for you, but the song lyrics reminded me that you can also hear Elisa singing those same words at any given time in my house. Then again, what choice does she have in this Disney-lovin' home?

Nicole said...

"Time for bed kids!"

"We're too excited to sleep!"

Sounds like a blast. 2007 can't get here fast enough.

J said...

Sounds like a blast!!!!! It's a small world after all...

kristen said...

michele sent me :)!
this sounds like a most excellent time indeed! my kids aren't total fanatics about mickey mouse clubhouse, but that's only b/c i forget it's on saturdays and sundays.

up until a few years ago, we lived in california so disneyland is part of my blood.

have a wonderful time!

Chaos Mommy said...

I'm so excited for you!!! I'll have to live vicariously through you. So you share pics of Disney, and I'll share pics of me strangling my mom and sister while trapped in an RV with them for 11 hours! :D

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Gee that is wonderful my dear! And how great that your parents are going, too...That Piggy Bank saving really paid off, Big Time!
I'm sure it cannoy happen soon enough for all of you! Congratulations on this momentous trip!

Dawn said...

I'm so jealous - my parents are going to Disney World in April '07. I haven't been since '99 and we don't plan on going until Amanda is out of diapers.

Although, Anthony's Dad keeps telling us he is taking us all, so if THAT trip comes about while she is still in diapers, that will be fine with me!


Wordnerd said...

I wanna go! I wanna go!

Paige said...

What fun! Be careful, I have heard many times about the unexpected gift that come from there. Well by then maybe you will be ready for a new one.
Happy weekend

Jen said...

I was wondering if you had an mp3 of the hot dog song that you could send me.
my daugher LOVES the song.
I cant use i tunes due to complications.

I would love to have this song for her

thanks so much!!!!