I feel like I've been rather neglegent with blog writing lately. It's not that I have nothing to say. I just can't seem to get my head around saying it. Perhaps this format will help me. Blogging by emotion. I'm feeling:

Content - The new job is three weeks old and I'm content. It's taken some adjustment. (For example, this is the second week I forgot to do my timesheets before leaving on Thursday.) In the past jobs took time to ramp up for. Training. Understanding. Getting my arms around concepts. Employers putting education before production. This job I hit the ground running and it feels good. We sent out our first e-newsletter yesterday. All my own. It was recieved with big smiles and loads of accolades from the owners - my boss and his brother.

Tired - I've been staying up late and for some reason the girl has been getting up at least once during the night to protest the great injustice that is sleep. And then one or the other kid is up by 6:30 am. I am tired. I am tired and coffee is my bestest friend.

Proud - When Meg naps, Logan and I play. Wednesday he was on a board game kick. We played the "State game" (Great States Junior) and we relearned geography. We played Sum Swamp and we practiced our addition and subtraction skills. We played Word Bingo and we practiced our reading. He did it all. I watched him whisper to himself as he held up his fingers to figure out how many spaces to move - "6 - 4. I have six. I take away 4...I have 2." My little boy isn't so little anyway.

Prouder still - I have a cold. Or maybe it's allergies. Either way it stinks. Logan overheard me comment about the sore throat and the general ick feeling in my head. He decided it was up to him to take care of me. He's been over the top with "extra attention" for me since last night. He even drags around my lap quilt so I can wrap up and feel better. His methods can be a bit much. Somehow extra attention translates to extra work and/or overwhelming. Yet it's sweet. It's indicitive of the caring, compassionate young man we've got on our hands.

Angry - The deal with old job was that I'd get paid within two weeks of invoicing. It's happened more or less that way for four years only because I had the ability to plant myself in accounting and glare. I've been gone for three weeks. I have now have an invoice that has sat with them for 5 weeks and another for 3 weeks. I call. I email. The response, "Oh I'm so sorry, we'll see about getting it in this weeks check run." My former direct supervisor is funneling me a project or two. I told him I'm finishing the current one but will not touch another until I get paid on the open invoices. He needs the project. He desperately needs it. He's now camping out in accounting.

Relieved - New job opted to skip the 'contact status' for me and put me on payroll. I got my first check yesterday. Direct deposit. They managed to pay me in my third week for my first two weeks. I'm still waiting for old place.


Wordnerd said...

In case you were wondering if the job switch was a smart move...this post pretty much answers that, huh?

J said...

This too shall pass. Now for that paycheck!