This morning on my way into work I got bit by a whim. I wasn't happy with the black shoes I had on. They hurt my feet. (Did you *know* bearing children can make your feet grow?! Here I sit two kids later at a half a shoe size bigger that I had been before!) Not only did they hurt, I didn't think the black shoes worked well with my light and airy Spring inspired skirt. I ran into that store that has the ability to suck money from my wallet the moment I cross through the door - you know the one with the big bulls-eye for a logo. I was dashing quickly from entry aisle to children's clothes. I had to pass through shoes. I bought a pair. Cute little tan linen sling backs. . .with a heel higher than I've ever worn before. Ever.

I slipped the new shoes on when I got back to my car. I pulled into the office parking lot without having actually walked in these new heels. I got out, took a few steps and realized that I couldn't move fast in them. Crap.

By the end of the day, however, I was feeling quite grown-up and capable in my cute little shoes. In fact, when I got home, I even ran after a kid in them. Sore, my calves are a bit sore at the moment, but I have to say, for a while today I really did "get" the whole "shoe obession" thing.


When I wasn't admiring my well-clad toes, I was dashing out at lunch for a haircut. It's been a while. Ok, it's been too long. Not only did I have a spring in my step, I had bounce in my neatly cropped, just-above-the-shoulder hair.


Logan's school pictures arrived today. When the teacher handed them to Grandma at pick-up today she said simply "Wait until you see them. I mean, they're all cute, but just wait until you see these."

Grandma, being a grandma, smiled proudly and replied, "Well they did start with a perfectly adorable subject."

Grandma's doting aside, the photos are fantastic. Logan very nonchalantly glanced at it this evening and said "Yeah. It's good."


Megan has moved from words and occasional phrases to bigger phrases and actual sentences. The other night during dinner, she began to slide out of the chair. (She's given up on the booster seat, preferring to mimic her brother in the "big" chair.) Before we could say a thing to her about it, she declared very clearly, "I am all done."

Her current favorite word? Come on, the girl is 18 months old. Her favorite word is "No."

Her favorite phrase? "NO FAIR!"


Linda said...

I miss the big ole bullseye store...don't know how you just "dashed" in! Can't wait to go there once we get back to the states! That's an adorable and wonderful picture of your boy. Charismatic smile! Heartbreaker in the making.

And I'm with you on the child-speak. My son's first full sentence was while we were playing empty the ball bucket into mommy's lap (a game that never fails to amuse him for hours, much to my dismay) - I tried to hide the balls...he stated, "no...MY balls". Ah...speech. sometimes they need a mute button!

Sue said...

LOL on the shoes -- I resemble that action :) -- I love kidspeak -- they usually say it EXACTLY like it is in THEIR eyes -- here from Michele's today :)

Paige said...

Well it looks like spring has hit you hard, new shoes, new hair do. New pictures of beautiful red headed children. Wonderfull!

Cath said...

I too am currently addicted to shoes and bags! I 'acquired' 3 new pairs alone last week!

You have one very cute son and what sounds like a very smart daughter. Can you get her to have a word with Corey about the speech please lol!

Zee said...

OMG!!! He looks so handsome!! A true treasure. :)

utenzi said...

Michele sent me back, Sandy.

The picture of your son is indeed a very nice one. That's an infectious grin he has.

I love how fast kids get down that concept "no fair". I remember saying that a lot also--of course kids really mean "that's not fair for me" which is a little different than true justice. Oddly enough, that's what adults usually mean also. LOL