Outside the box

To some a wheelbarrow is a simple utilitarian tool. If you're like me, you wheel it into your backyard. Fill it up with rotting compost and then wheel it over to the spot of your garden you're preparing for cool weather crops. You dump it's contents and abandon the one-wheeled wonder while you work on tilling the Earth.

Children, however, have a knack for seeing amusement park rides in the most mundane of things. To them, a wheelbarrow is a grand joyride if only an adult were to make it so.

I, of course, am a willing cog in their grand inventive schemes. Well, that and I do find pleasure in anything that keeps them both in one spot at the very same time. And so, with a two simple pleas (pleading, nagging, PLEASE MOMMY!), we put gardening spades aside and took a ride around the yard, pausing only to photograph the moment:


Sue said...

Hey Sandy, I am here via Michele's today but I still just LOVE your writing -- and love the world through your children's eyes -- I want to ride a wheelbarrow now :)

Reverberate58 said...

Me too, I want a ride. They look to be having grand fun. Thanks for the share.

Paige said...

I next! That is so cute.

Leslie Shelor said...

I remember how much fun it was to ride in a wheelbarrow or work wagon when Dad should have been working. He was a big kid and loved to play with us!

Thanks for visiting my blog via Michele. I had visited yours before; love your writing!