After dropping Logan off at school this morning, Megan and I took the rare trip to the Dunkin' Dounts that actually still requires everyone and anyone to get out of their car for service. Mama needed her coffee and this happened to be the closet outlet.

We left armed with my mega-big cup of liquid alertness, a container of milk, the munchkin Megan sweet talked the staff into giving her, and a sprinkle laden treat for the boy when he came home later in the day. I was juggling Megan (who was busy hoarding her milk container with both hands and chanting "My milk!"), the bag with the treats, and my mega-big cup when a man in a great big hurry two-stepped his way around us and out the door. He let the door go just in time for it to close inches from my face.

I got us settled in the car and did the quick turn onto the back road to avoid the work ongoing in front of the shop. This backroad dead-ends at a major highway in town. I was waiting for traffic to clear enough for me to pull out into a lane. A big, SUV-and-a-half came up tight on my right and whipped into the lane I was about to pull into. As he pushed his way past I caught a glimpse of the driver - the door man from the shop.

I pulled in behind him and our light turned green. As he pulled ahead, as fast as the traffic around him would let him go, I saw the license plate. At least the man values truth in advertising.

His plate? Ego 1.

I. Kid. You. Not.


Nicole said...

I hate assholes like that. The one thing I've actually liked about living in the South is that people mind their manners more consistently.

Reverberate58 said...

LOL. People like that I always say I hope they make it alive where they are going and if not hopefully they won't take any one else with them.

Linda said...

Self-importance in men takes on a new meaning - self-impotence...they act that way to make up for all the insecurities inside.

Still, all in all, he's a jerk, and I'd have followed him and scared the bejeezus out of him. Just 'cuz....

Dave said...

What an idiot, unfortunately a very common breed.
Here from Michele's.

Sue said...

Sandy, OMG -- some people .... I would have been at a complete loss for words and would have had to tie my tongue into knots to not say things little girls should NOT hear :)

Carmi said...

I hope Mr. Type A has a good cardiologist in his speed dial. Sounds like he'll need the services of one before long.

To think what the world would be like if his kind didn't dominate the landscape.