Elusive Easter photo

I wanted to get a photo of the kids together in their holiday finery. Something set against a spring inspired, simple back drop. I wanted two cherubic faces with four wide-but-not-too-wide opened blue eyes staring back at me. I wanted photographing-nut-mom's nirvana.

Instead I got this:

The moment I sat them at the top of our little hill and put the camera to my eye, Logan yelled out "CHEESE!" and put on his *best* phony smile. Can't you tell? And I swear, I know my daughter. I know that face. That is the "What the heck are you doing, Brabee?!" face.

Clearly the photo I had longed for and Grandma already had a frame picked out for was not to be mine this year. We'll be settling for two seperate photos instead.


Reverberate58 said...

All the pictures are good! When I look back at my pictures it is easy to spot the same looks. Kids are beautiful no matter how they pose. Don't cha think!

Laura said...

My girls are 17 and 13. Believe me, these picts are precious!! Some day, you'll look back on them and smile broadly. :)

Deb R said...

I tried to comment on the videos (very cute!) but it didn't work. We'll see if I can comment here!

Michele sent me.

expatmama said...

Yes, I often have the same problem-- it's hard to get a picture of both kids in which they both look halfway decent. Especially when it's a holiday finery photo! Oh well...

Carmi said...

I used to fret that I couldn't get our three munchkins to play ball and pose properly for The Perfect Picture.

Then my wife reminded me that when I was a child, I would make faces for every picture. And that was in the days of film and relatively expensive processing. My parents were not amused.

Still, I look back at those images of childhood, and they are so much richer than any posed picture could ever be.

These images of yours are priceless because they are so unique. So THEM.