Word of Advice

Here is something not to attempt when you're very pregnant and your child likes to see how often she can jab your ribs and your bladder at the same time:

Reclining "comfy" style or not, a movie theatre isn't your best option right now. Trust me. Today we brought little man to the grandparents at 10am, hit the OB's for the ultrasound (see below) and then went out together. We assume its our last 'date' for quite a bit and so we were determined to get out. Had a nice lunch at a local coffee shop where we made fun of a couple on a blind date. (Yeah we're snotty like that.) Then we went to the movies to see The Village. Movie was good - especially if you don't go expecting the sort of 'shock' twist that may have 'gotcha' in the Sixth Sense. Anyway, I digress. Our local theatre has changed a lot since our last movie - including the cost of tickets AND the new comfy, rocking, reclining "wide-body" chairs. . .that still wasn't enough to make me comfy. No siree. The moment I sat down I felt incredibly unweildly. I felt as if my stomach were being pressed from the inside in all sorts of directions because, let's face it, it was. I got jabbed in the bladder enough times to need to leave for the bathroom twice. This in addition to the rib shots that left me short of breath and the side jabs that had me shifting position endlessly. I'm sure the guy behind me was tickled to death I choose to sit where I did.

Then add in raging horomones that render you totally emotional. I must confess that I tend to be a sap at movies. Hell, if I'm being really honest I'll even admit that I shed a tear or two during Terminator 2 many years ago. So the fact that I cried during the movie a wee bit shouldn't totally be blamed on my hormones. The fact that I wanted to lunge across the aisle and wrap a Twizzler around some talker's neck might be better left to that "Its not me its the party my body chemicals are having" excuse.

And finally, there are the smells. As already mentioned ad nauseum (not meant to be a pun) I had wicked morning sickness at the start of this pregnancy. Lately its been starting back up again. Not that I throw up like earlier, but I do on the occasional morning AND certain things have a tendency to make me feel a wee bit queasy. Apparently among these smells is popcorn. Ok, you can just smack your heads now and collectively say "DUH! And you went where?!" But in my defense the popcorn thing was news to me too. I mean I even MADE and ATE the darn stuff a week ago. How would I know that a giant room full of the stuff would make me feel seasick?!

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