So this is nesting

I thought I was happy to have the little guy's room painted and set up and the baby's room painted and mildly arranged. But I wasn't. No, because you see that phenomon I once thought a bunch of hooey is in fact alive and well in our house. I am massively nesting. So today I found myself a hammer and some nails when there was only a toddler to watch me climb up and down step stools and I hung everything I had to hang on my not-all-that-soon to arrive daughter's walls. I even hung some thing I later decided needed to go back to its old hiding space. Then, after the nap that wasn't. . .by the way, MUST the 2 year old give up naps?! He seems hellbent on doing so. He'll drift off for 5 minutes and then appear next to me ready to play. What the heck! Anyway, after the nap that wasn't, I dragged the boy's little picnic table next to his sandbox where he was contently digging in wet sand. And then I set about painting - yes painting. I, you see, had located a handful of little wooden things at the craft store that would make nice wall hangings in either child's bedroom. Weeks ago I discovered the car, truck, airplane and train for L's new room. This week it was a butterfly and two flowers for the new addition and a sailboat to add to L's. And so today I painted.
When I was through with that, and L content to have made purple footprints along the grass in the yard as well as coat himself in paint, we washed up and hit the stores. Yes to buy yet more crap to hang. Picture hangers for my painted creations and then a handful of this and that for the baby's room - rounding it out and allowing me to ditch the thing I never should have hung.
Tonight I am content that the walls are properly covered with misc. this and that. Of course for the nursery to be done I still need to sew together to panels of curtains I've chosen not to hang in order to piece a make shirt bedskirt (I really only need one side skirted anyway so it works out nice.) I also need someone to lug down the old black rocker that was MIL and that B would not allow painted in the past. I've worn him down and now I have cans of white spray paint waiting to make that thing look nicer than it is. ha! I also need to get another person to paint the drawers of the old dresser that currently keeps the old Noah's Ark theme from L's nursery days. I've got butterflies and flower rubons waiting to get on to there. But I'll take a deep breathe and know that it'll get done - maybe next week and so next week I can scratch my nesting itch.

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