Whine fest
Ok, so a few different people lately have told me that I am a "glass half-full" kinda perky gal. Well today I am dumping the whole freakin' half full glass on the floor so I can cry over spilled milk. I'm sick and tired of being sick. Its depressing. I've found that the only cereal in the house that I can bring myeslf to eat right now - which is also the only thing I can imagine having for breakfast - is destined to remain in my stomach each day just long enough for me to place my bowl in the sink and run to the bathroom.

IF I don't eat I throw up saliva or water or stomach acid or I just hang over a toilet gagging and hacking. So I eat - which apparently is just so I have something to actually void. I have to eat four meals a day - one of which I call my "practice breakfast." Its the one that doesn't last 5 minutes and leaves me famished a few hours later.

Smells are making me sick now. I mean I've noticed stronger smells before and the smell of seafood would make me queasy from nearly the first positive line on the preggo test - but this is different. Yeserday I nearly threw up at my desk when someone in the office microwaved God knows what for lunch. It's not that it smelled bad - it just smelled strong and it made me incredibly ill. I think it was mircorwavable pizza or something. I sat at my desk planning the fastest route to the "guest" bathroom in our lobby - the only place without multiple stalls affording some privacy for my lunch removal.

I find that I want to search out the idiots that can't microwave popcorn without burning it and strangle them. Luckily the overwhelming urge to regurgitate keeps me from commenting such an attack. ITs horrible. Its making me cranky. Its making me weary. Its also hurting my throat. I find my throat is raw - and I'm not sure if its allergies (nice weather = high pollen) or if its the puking. I hate having to wonder.

I go to the doctor tomorrow and if my home scale is accurate he'll find that I've not gained an ounce over the last 15 weeks of this pregnancy. Not a single one. I'm not worried about this part because I know that I have weight to spare. I know that this isn't a bad thing at this point and infact after the "I gained too much and landed myself with pre-eclamsyia that said weight may have contributed to) this stalemate on the scale can be a good thing.

I'm wondering if I can talk my OB into more of those little Reglan pills - although truth be told I sometimes threw up those and the water i swallowed them with.


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