The important things in life.

I want Peeps. There I said it. Which isn't saying much since I've been bitching about wanting Peeps since yesterday afternoon when I saw chocolate covered Peeps in the Boscov's at the mall near the office. Yes, delicate little marshmallow and sugar chicks dipped up to their necks in milk chocolate. This is what I've been craving since 1pm Monday afternoon. Freakin' Peeps.

The entire 13 weeks of this pregnancy I've craved two things:

1. Strawberries, which in light of a "Don't want to eat for five" resolution this time around was a good thing.

2. Chocolate covered Peeps.

Of course, one of my favorite people did tell me that 'regular' old Peeps are only two Weight Watchers points for three little chickees. I wonder what the dipped variety would be?

On to real important things - I'm excited today. Floating really and not just because someone improved Peeps. I'm excited because one of my oldest and dearest friends (or after 30 do we need to start saying "one of my longest friendships") just told me that she's expecting her third child in November. This means that little Turnip will have a built-in buddy. A same aged playmate she/he can be forced into friendship with at an early age. This is even more fun, however, because this friend has a 5 year-old that my little man is in love with AND a 2 year old boy that has become my guy's best bud. I'm just so giddy with the thought that such a good friend and I will have two sets of kidlets the same age. It seems almost unreal. It was fun going through pregnant together for a while last time (her now two-year-old is 4 months older than my getting-closer-to-2-year-old.) So this time around we get to switch roles and do it all over again. It was so nice of her to accommodate me like this. HA! Just kidding.

And finally, that brother of mine may actually have a real honest to goodness job. That is mean. He's actually a very hard worker that has been working hard to find good work. He had a few hiccups at first - a really pathetic "taking advantage of your longer for a job" type offer - but we're not going to go there. Anyway, a few weeks ago he had what he thought had been a great interview at a dining services company. The 'boss' told him that should he get the job he'd be an Executive Sous Chef. Bro would have to call and make an appointment to take a hands-on test and a 2nd interview. Then there was nothing - no word. No call.

So my actually quite shy and not high on the self-esteem-o-meter called and left a message about scheduling the test. Someone called back. He went today. 7am. My brother that sleeps till noon (at the earliest) when he's not working or in classes, was up at 4:15 am to be dressed and in the car for the hour+ commute to this test. It was apparently a long test because no one heard from him for a long time. He showed up at my Dad's office (about 15 minutes or so from the test site) close to 2 pm. Dad knows the results - they won't share with the rest of us though because Bro wants to tell himself and he wants to tell in person...which sucks because I won't see him today at all. I won't see him till tomorrow at the earliest and so I sit and twist in the wind. I hate surprises.

Here's what I do know - I said to Dad "Its mean to tease the pregnant lady. I'm just going to assume it went well." And he said in return "It did, but let him tell you." SO I'm going to take that to mean that my little brother is now a chef somewhere with real people hours (as opposed to restaurant 6 day a week, what the hell is a social life long night hours) with real benefits and the chance to meet women. This is a good thing. . .something of which a sister can be proud and post a blog note about. So I did.

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