Old Man Winter fights back - but he's still losing

This was Saturday:
It was nearly 70 degrees out. I do not live in Florida. This is not supposed to be January weather here. But that's ok. We did not complain, we went to the beach and we enjoyed it.

This is today:

Yes it's snowing. It is 33 degrees outside and it is snowing. Or at least it was. It was fleeting. It lasted all of 20 minutes. Her coat was in the car, we about to head otu to pick up the big kid from preschool. We took a moment to dash out back to get what could be our only chance at snow this year. (At least if we use the last two months as an indicator.) She demanded her snow boots and her sled. We left the house instead.

The boy got to go out with his class. They caught snowflakes on their tongues. By the time we were all bundled in our coats and our way to the school parking lot the snow had ended. By the time we left the craft store 20 minutes later, the snow was melted - gone. Over. Done with.

It's still cold and blustery. It could flurry again at any minute.

But this coming Saturday it's supposed to hit 60 again...with rain.

What the hell?!


kontan said...

freaky weather everywhere these days!

Paige said...

Would you believe it is finally cold here. Yes ma'm it is even freeing in the middle day. Hey yesterday was 79 today 33. But that is normal for us. If you hang around a few minutes the weather will be different. It snowed the next town up this morning. We almost got us some. It keeps us on our toes.

Should I wear shorts and a cute little tank today or maybe my flannel lined jeans with my big cable knit sweater with that soft flannel shirt under it.

Humm what will it be tomorrow?????