Do you take your glass half-full or half-empty?

In my neck of the woods it's been quite unseasonably warm. That is until very recently. Right now it's down right frigid. With the shift in the weather has come a sudden shift in attitudes. Gone are the casual smiles exchanged with ease and the nice cheerful small talk. In it's place are a bunch of scowls and grumps.

I was checking out at a local grocery store last week. The sky was grey and the wind was cold. For the first time since last winter snow flakes had begun to drift aimlessly down from the clouds. It wasn't much. It wasn't even a threat to leave a dusting in it's wake. It was simply a few flurries destined to be forgotten as quickly as they had appeared.

The cashier, however, was living in the moment. She glanced out the window near us and groaned. "I'm so NOT ready for winter!" she said and went back to slowly dragging my purchases across the scanner as if by reflex.

"You are aware it's the middle of January right?" I said to her.

She glared at me and shrugged a little. I, not being one to care much for shrugs like that pressed onward.

"I mean, you've had lots of time TOO get ready for snow. It should have been snowed at least one good snow by now," I said, satisfied I had made a point.

She just squinted her eyes a little and said, "Yeah, but last week it wasn't cold."

I think I might have rolled my eyes, but I can swear to it. Here's the thing - there are somethings in life you simply can't control. What you CAN control is how you respond to it.


thethinker said...

Our winter is pretty weird like that too. One week, it'll feel like summer and the next it will be freezing cold. You're right about not being able to control some things. You certainly can't control the weather.

utenzi said...

:-p I'm not ready for winter either. You're just being too logical. LOL

Carmi said...

How sad to see such self-dedeating pessimism in action.

I wonder if she's ready for global warming. And if she isn't (quite likely, given her track record) I wonder if she'll try to take her case to a higher power.