A new beginning

Yesterday I did something that, truth be told, I've wanted to do for some time. I quit my job.

I've had the best of both worlds when it came to family-work balance. I was working in my career field. I was making the income we needed. I did it on my terms (part-time, two days a week) and I got to be home with my kids more than I wasn't. I had time with just grown-ups (and their tantrums) and time with my children (and their tantrums.) So, although I wasn't always thrilled with some of the things that went on (or the people that went on with them), I was content to tolerate it because the balance was so very worth my while.

That, however, was in danger. The balance was being pushed. The office wanted me more. More hours and not hours I could put in from home as I'd been doing. Real office hours.

I got frustrated one day. It's happened before in my career past. I got frustrated and I spend a few hours hunting for a job. I found a listing on an obscure web site. Part-time? Check. Marketing? Check. Similar wages? Check. Commutable? Check.

I applied.

Three weeks ago I went in for my first interview. It went very well.

I returned last week for the follow-up chat. It also went very well.

They offered me the job Monday evening. I, obviously, accepted.

I was nervous about talking to the little boss and the big boss. I prepared for the three different scenairios based on their personalities. I lucked out and got the best case. In fact, I got better than best case. At least for now, I will finish out my two weeks knowing I have a job waiting for me AND knowing I'm going to have project work to continue doing for my current company. The two firms, while both technical, are no where near the same. There is no conflict. I can do this.

See me? Here is my cake and I am eating it.


Nicole said...

Yay for you! I love it when the universe says "YES!"

Carmi said...

I love it when good things happen to good people who have the guts to follow their heart.

I'm both impressed with and proud of you. It's the right decision for the right reason. And it's richly deserved.

J said...

Congrats on controlling your peace. I love your layout too!

David said...

i love the header on this blog - the picture, the quote, all so apropos

kontan said...

Enjoy your cake!!!

Paige said...

Great for you. Enjoy

The Flamingess said...

Congratulations - the leap of faith. Hi from Michele

aka_monty said...

Yes, enjoy the cake!
Michele sent me.

Shannon said...

Congrats!! I am working hard to find that balance myself right now.