I'm it

Shannon tagged me for a meme. I've not done many of them before, but why not. I promise nothing at all relatively exciting or mildly entertaining. I merely offer you a look into the mundane existance of my daily life. ;)

Five things in my closet:
1. Box of clips - as in writing and other sample work throughout my career. I really do need to better organize that stuff!
2. Coin box - spare change gets tossed in the box or one of the kids' piggy banks. When we've got enough it gets rolled and lugged to the bank for the vacation account.
3. Abyss of lost toys - Lord knows how that stuff winds up in there, but it does.
4. Shoes
5. Clothes

Five things in my refrigerator (I desperately need to go food shopping so finding five things is fairly easy- more than that could have been a struggle.):
1. Milk
2. Cheese
3. Pomegrante Juice
4. Yogurts of many shapes, sizes and flavors
5. Blueberries

Five things in my car (ha! Ha! HA!):
1. Umbrellas
2. Cabbage Patch Kid missing one sock
3. Old dead computer I need to bring in to be recycled
4. Gym membership card
5. sand bucket and associated toys
Thankfully I only need to list five.

Five things in my purse:
1. Wallet
2. Bits of two seperate rock collections
3. Misc pens that I've relocated from various places
4. Paper waste - gum wrappers, receipts, last week's church bulletin
5. Deck of cards labeled "52 Road-Trip Activities for Families" (Love that deck!)

If you read this and assume I'm a pack-rat, not quite. If you read it and think I'm
scattered and not "overly neat" - ahh, yeah, that's more like it.

So at this point I'm supposed to tag 5 of you. Yet, I just can't ever seem to put my head around doing that. I can never come up with five people I think would comply. How about you just surprise me. It's a meme, folks, consider yourself tagged. Leave a comment with a link to your spot on the web so we can all take a peak into your world.


margalit said...

I was thinking you sounded pretty organized. For example, in MY car there are about 50 empty water bottles tossed in the back seat, garbage on the floor, a crusty towel from LAST summer, and a jacket way in the back from 3 years ago. Now I'm gonna admit I don't drive my car anyore, but geesh, you would think I'd eventually clean it out...but nope. It's a rolling garbage can.

Here from Michele

Miss Cow is a Cow said...

I agree, you sound fairly organized. I'm working on becoming more organized.

Here from Michele's.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I love the variety of stuff in your closet. It comforts me because there is quite a variety of stuff in my own closet! (lol)
But I'm not going to do this meme...So, don't hold your breath my dear!

kontan said...

Djembe hates driving my car b/c there is so much stuff in it. My life is organized chaos...