Life with Meg

Megan, at 22 months old, is already shown that she is a spitfire. She's stubborn and opinionated -- and, perhaps sadly for us, articulate enough to prove it at every turn. She's got a keen sense of what she likes and what she does not. (Very clearly stating "No! I do not like that. Put it away!" if you dare attempt to trick her.)

She worships her big brother to the point of mimicry. Sometimes this works out in our favor. For example, she's decided to potty train herself simply to be "like Logan Daniel" (as she's begun to refer to him on occasion. He's glad to hear less and less Brabee.) Although Meg has yet to meet a public restroom she's willing to make her acquaintance with (and sure, there are several adults who feel the same) she can easily spend a dry day in underwear at home or Grandma's house. Seriously, we've done nothing on this front. She woke up one day about two weeks ago and announced, "I want go potty! I pee in potty now!" And she did. . .and she has ever since.

Megan loves to be read to. She commands it - "Daddy, you sit in that chair and read me Dora book." She loves to draw, sometimes on things we'd rather she not. She loves to help. She loves to mother, particularly her brother. As we headed out for some child-sized shoe shopping today, Logan was meandering his way to the van. Megan, already half buckled in her seat, leaned a bit to his side of the vehicle and yelled sternly, "Woden Danul get in dis car now!" He did, by the way.

And speaking of shoes, her response to the trip is simply a snapshot of what life with Megan is truly like. I knew better than to pick out her shoes without her. Daddy sat on the bench waiting patiently. Logan, still in the same size shoe and therefore out of the shopping 'fun', played off to the side. Megan followed me to the toddler girl section.

"I like these shoe," she said and handed me a hideous pair of shiny black patent leather Mary Janes with leopard print detailing. I told her they would not go with any of her pretty summer dresses. She shrugged and said, "Not now. I put back here."

I showed her what I had in mind - simply Mary-Jane style white leather Keds. She approved. We put them on her, she took off happy. I paid. Bruce lifted her up to ensure a swift departure. She looked down at her feet as he moved to the door and said, "Hmm, I like these new shoes."


We headed to Toys R Us so Logan could spend his allowance money. He'd saved his regular $1 a week and the bonus he earned for the patio help. He had $8, a $3 off any purchase coupon and a lot of big plans. As we stepped from parking lot to sidewalk, Megan wiggled. She demanded I put her down.

"I want try my new shoe," she told me. I let her down and watched her run a few steps. She stopped. She turned and smiled at me as she said, "Yah. They work."


Andrew said...

Leopard print detailing? Shucks, who could resist that :o)

Zee said...

I swear I could hear her say it!

I've missed you, girl. :)

Paige said...

I wish I could say that about some of my shoes. Sadly not all of them "work"

Chaos Mommy said...

I haven't even met her and I can hear her say it! What a cutie!!!

Florence said...

Hello Sarah, Michele sent me.

Your little one sounds like a girl who know's what she likes:) I too wish my shoes would work more often than they do.

Grins said...

Oh boy Sandy, do you have your work cut out for you when she hits her pre teen and teen years. Rest up when you can. ;-)

Michele says hi by the way.

Foster Dogs said...

Hi Sandy,

I'm sorry to hear about your Husky. We just started a Rainbow Bridge blog. If you would like, send me a photo of your Husky and as description of her, and I will post it to the blog. The url is:

Foster Dogs said...

And the email address is: siberescuegirl@yahoo.com

Cath said...

She sounds like she really is doing awesome! Great job Mommy!