Out from under the covers
Did I not write it here? Not only did I have the joy of a sinus infection and strep throat at the same time, I also had pink eyes. Yes, eyes. Went to the doctor with one very bloodshot, gooey eyeball and woke up the next day with its mate. Several days of antibiotics and eye drops later, I at least feel more human than I did a week ago - even if I still have blood shot pink eyes.

AND, drum roll, I am about 20 hours away from having survived the dreaded business trip induced single-mommyhood. Thankfully I had oodles and oodles of help from my parents last week during the great sick-in. My mom even pitched in a great deal - that was even as she was being a fellow member of the strep+ club. She had all but the pink eye balls. Instead she opted for the "can't keep anything in my stomach" variation. Today though, was a "just us" day. The grandparents are off on a vacation, the uncle is doing his typical long day at the office, and the dad's not home yet. Just me and boy. And it was a good day. A very good, pleasant, fun day.

Gripe for the day - because hey, looking back over recent posts would it be my blog if I wasn't whining?
How the heck are my freak neighbors going to sell their house if they keep taking down the for sale sign?! I never even realized the thing was up on the market until the 5 year-old-pain-in-my-ass (yes that is her offical title) mentioned it Saturday as she tried to get me to buy every toy at her garage sale. That very night a sign appeared on the lawn - complete with an "Open House 1-4!" header. I wanted to stand discreetly in my bay window and judge the potentials. Maybe jumping out to scare the ones that didn't seem like someone I'd want that close to me every day.

Well the next day the sign was gone. . .and yet some lady in a very nice car sat out front making phone calls on her cell and meeting people in other not-as-nice-but-still-running cars throughout the afternoon. I just don't get the "sell without a sign out front" thing.

Please, don't let them be tricking me into feeling safe that they'll be gone before those freak children hit puberty!

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