I'm now at 17 weeks and I'm still puking my guts out. It's pissing me off. If I wasn't sure that we were done at two kids, I'd be sure now. Puking sucks. My witty (I really do like him quite honestly) OB smiled at my last visit and said "well most women are done with morning sickness at this point, but it's still normal to still be sick." This was in response to my question "WHEN WILL THIS END!?" I wanted to tell him to go leap off a bridge.

So this puking has me cranky lately. And irrational I'm afraid. There are people that have never have kids who will say to me "Are you still sick? You must be better now. I bet that just sucks." I want to just say simply "F you." Or perhaps to elaborate it even further "Please don't tell you think this lame attempt at pity is making me feel better." The weird thing is - it doesn't bother me when people WITH kids comment on the suckiness of prolonged morning sickness. Perhaps because I feel like they can really identify and its more "I hear ya sista." For some reason the inexperienced just piss me off when they bring it up - much like men or women who have not yet given birth commenting on the pain of labor and delivery really gets my goat lately. Don't get me started. Like I said, I'm cranky.

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