Some meandering thoughts

Off to a start?Five days into the new year and I've yet to make a daily resolution. Unless you count the fact that I avoided buying junk from the vending machine at the office. This is good. It'd be better if I had gotten to the gym. I have a theory that the boss and his buddies are conspiring to keep me from getting in shape. I'm not yet sure why, but it seems every day I go into the office with the intentions of spending my lunch at the gym, some one loads up my schedule with meetings the hours the gym is open.

Speaking of meetings - how am I to complete 60 hours of work in 16 hours *at* work if I spend 10 of those hours in meetings about more work I have to do? Somewhere in hell there is a person I once slighted laughing gleefully at my plight.

Beauty of self-entertainment
So the little boy is learning how to play on his own, sort of. Someone is still required to be in the room with him - or at least in sight. However, he's content to play with his airport or trains all by himself. This is huge. This means I actually got 2 months of 6 months worth of photographs slugged into a scrapbook. (Slugged being a keyword.) I suppose one can backtrack and say this was a bit of a resolution - to get my arms around my piles of photos (I take a lot!) before the boy turned 20. So go back and ignore item #1. . .in 5 days I have said no to the vending machine, did something with those photographs and held back from telling boss man that he's one of those words I'm working on cutting back on. One must cut back on all sorts of phrases when you have a parrot for a toddler.

Baby thoughts
Of course, with the little guy learning to be more independent (even if his new favorite phrase is "Mommy hep!" aka Mommy help!) I feel slightly less anxiety about juggling two dependent little creatures. Notice I used the word "slightly." Of course, this is not to suggest that our quest for pregnancy is over. I just like think ahead and be prepared. Ok, the truth? I just like to obsess over the unknown. Or something like that.


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