Life With My Overachieving Bunch: Smurfing Food Allergies?

Sometimes the allergy community gets itself worked up over stuff. Sometimes I identify with the rally cry and other times I don't. The latest hubbub over the new Smurf movie is one in which I don't fall in with the masses. Instead of waxing poetic again, I will just share the link to a guest blog post I wrote for a friend:

Life With My Overachieving Bunch: Smurfing Food Allergies?


Kendra said...

Thanks again for sharing your experience with me and my readers, Sandy! While some have privately criticized me for taking sides without having seen the movie, you have always helped me find that line between protecting allergic children and doing things that are more about the adults' comfort than anything else. I stand by my decision to publish your words, and hope that they will be considered by those who may be tempted to jump onto the boycotting bandwagon without having seen the movie for themselves!

Sandy said...

Blog comments need a 'like' button. :) Thanks again for letting me share my thoughts.