Perhaps it's time

When I began blogging 6 years ago it was a release. This virtual home was a place to come and let out whatever was pent up. I enjoyed it. I looked forward to it. I read blogs. I made new friends. I wrote regularly.

And then I began to write less.

And then less.

And now, if we're being truthful, this blog has become a more labor than love.

When I do come around to post something, it's done as a duty. Rarely do the words flow of their own accord. They come forced. I'm writing here because I "have to," which, really, makes the blog itself pointless. It's not fair to me...and it's not fair to you the reader.

So, what do we do now? Well, I think perhaps it's time to hang-up the keyboard - at least for a bit. I'm not going to take down these pages. I'm invested too much heart into them to just dump them all. I'm not going to say it's "forever" because it's nice to know I have an outlet when I need it.

I am saying I'm on indefinite hiatus. Perhaps as the calendar relaxes some or the urge to release the words building inside me finds no other place to erupt I'll come back. But the hanging and the lingering isn't fair to any of us - those that check in for new words and 'those' of us that feel guilty for not writing them.

I did make some wonderful friends over the years. Some of you have my email address already. Others are welcome to it -- for such folk that want to keep in touch or at least get a heads-up if I reverse course on this decision, leave a comment here with your email (you should be able to put it in the designated field outside the comment itself...but do what works for you!)

For those that have stuck in there with me these years, thank you. Your words and your friendship are much appreciated.


... Paige said...

Well alrighty then.

But drop a line every now and again so we's know you are still breathing.

Be safe Be happy and love it all

Sitting said...

I understand, but will miss (and have missed!) your voice in the blogosphere.

As long as you have an RSS feed, I'll know if you pick back up here. But if you change addresses or something, let me know by e-mail for sure!

kate said...

I know what you mean... I've been starting to feel the same way, though perhaps not to the same degree (yet.) Anyway, I'll see you on my feed reader if you do pop in again. Take care!

Chaos Mommy said...

well to be honest, i'm kinda tired of having to come here and read things I've already heard about :)
Just kidding! I like reading your blog because of your wonderful humor and writing style, but most of it's old news by the time I finally manage to get here. I'm just happy you're a big part of my daily life, but our blogs were what really connected us in the first place, so don't give it up for good! I'm a bit sentimental about it!

Bettina said...

I just read your post about Target on a giveaway and I couldn't stop laughing! I totally know what you mean!

forgetfulone said...

Thanks for stopping by my bloggy giveaway!