Seeking. Finding.

I like to take pictures. This is no surprise to anyone that knows me.

Looking back over my stash of photos, it seems I like taking photos of pathways. Why? Well, that's what I've been trying to put my finger on.

The good news, for me anyway, is that I think I finally did pin point the cause of my obsession. It's about possibility and the chance to define where you're headed - even if it means a change of course.

When I'm standing there, camera perched upon my palms, finger hovering over the button, the trail before me has a purpose. It has it's own destination. Yet the photo is simply a road open before me - one that is pregnant with possibility.

Today I found another one of those poetic moments. Take a moment to look into the distance. The tracks run off into the horizon seeming to go on without end. Such infinite array of places await. Which stop do you take?


... Paige said...

You mean your supposed to stop?

snowflake said...

I love the picture and the beautifully thought provoking post. Life is full of endless possibilities isn't it?

Sammi T. said...

Just found you on topmomma. You are a fantastic writer and I am enjoying your posts. I think I will add you to my favorite blogs if thats ok. Sammi