Dear Sanity-fairy

I know you're awfully busy ensuring the marbles stay put in so many other heads, but if you could just spare a moment I think I might have an idea that could save you some precious time. Life for moms and dads every where would be so much saner if you could, you know, maybe, see to it that their children didn't already know everything. It's awfully difficult to keep it together when the 5 year old or 3 year old is smarter than you. Or at least when they think they are.


Loopy Mom in U.S.


Carmi said...

Maybe the Sanity Fairy will visit my house when she's done with yours!

Thanks for making the wish. I sure hope she's listening!


anabellster said...

I hope the Sanity Fairy visits you soon. This sure was interesting to read! :)

Chaos Mommy said...

Can the Sanity Fairy give a message to the Tooth Fairy for me? Because the Tooth Fairy has forgotten to stop by our house two nights in a row... again... for the third time since my children have started losing teeth. And maybe the Sanity Fairy can give my children some patience, you know, for those times when the Tooth Fairy...um... forgets.... again.