Work in Progress

Yes, I'm tinkering with the template again. That sea shell design was ready to go. I know there's a spelling mistake in the header graphic. I also know I somehow lost a second color in the background. I'm not sure I like the red I settled on. I'm tinkering.

It may evolve over time. Or not.

Got an opinion on the change? Let me know.

UPDATED (12/12) - Well I found my second color, made some text changes to the header (good call on centering Nicole!) and now I think I'm set. At least for now. You never know when a new graphic might grab me and demand to be used.


Paige said...

I find the change exciting. Happy and bright (not that I didn't like the other one) This one is very powerfull looking.

Sitting said...

love the graphic! love the colors! I might center the second line of text, but other than that, I have no suggestions ;)

Nikki said...

Ooohhh this is pretty. It makes me feel all warm and cozy. I love it! I'm not that talented to do it myself though, mine's a mess right now!