Sometimes curiosity is bad

After my massive brainstorm to update my blog (which was inspired by Peggie's mission to update her's as a Christmas present to herself*), I volunteered to help Jenn update her template.

And that's when the bad thing happened.

I am not a web designer by trade. I only know enough HTML to get myself in trouble. I knew enough to alter the basic template I had to make it Jenn's very own lovely new home on the web. Except the code I gave her wasn't working.

I was baffled. It was bugging me. I wasn't going to rest until I figured out where I had slipped up. And then I started to tinker. Tinker is bad. Very bad.

I clicked that neat button on one of the blogger template tabs that said "update" and suddenly my innocent little HTML based blog was now an XML blog...and my lovely bold red blog with the header I pieced together with stock art was gone. Poof. No more. I was left with standard templates and a header to squish into it. I almost went with it too -- except it meant no bold, flashy red background. Zip. Gone.


And so I set out on a mission to find templates offered up at the very good price of free. :) We like free. We like templates.

Which brings us to the fish - voila. The new, new template.

I did nothing. I designed nothing. I used not an ounce of my right brain...unless googling counts for useage.

But for now, at least, this template speaks to me. We're happy together. Me and the template. We're buds.

Perhaps another day when I'm not staring at the clock wondering how many cups of java I will need to prop me up at my desk in the office tomorrow I will try to resurrect the bold, red and "by me with the nice stock art" header template. But for now, I give you fish.

(But hey, I *did* make Jenn's header. Go see it. Wave hi while you're there. Ask her how the Eagles are doing and then take cover.

* If you're wondering, Peggie's new blog dwelling is NOT live yet. You'll have to keep pestering her until it debuts.


Sitting said...

oooh! I like the fish. Very cool. And you did a nice job on Jen's header as well.

(What font is her tagline in? I lurve it!)

(and what kind of a person loves fonts? my kind of person. THAT'S WHO.)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to my blog. I love the fish, they are relaxing in a sort of chaotic way. Does that make sense? The lines are so clean on this one too. One of these days, I'm going to learn how to do this myself, one of these days.

Chaos Mommy said...

Love the fishies!! And so does Hunter as he has just shot across the room yelling "sishies, sishes!"

snowflake said...

I think that the fish are wonderful! I came here to check in and the splash of color on the top was so appealing. I love what you did to Jenn's blog too, it's beautiful!